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    Our diverter pulley line:

Diverter pulley with eye Diverter pulley with eye Diverter pulley 90° pulley/bracket Diverter pulley Vario Counter-weight Ring bolt Support pulley Support pulley Double-pulley for air inlets Double-pulley for air inlets Diverter pulley for linear actuator Diverter pulley for linear actuator Linear actuator 450N Air-inlet for wall installation Diverter pulley 180° pulley/bracket Diverter pulley 180° pulley/bracket
 Air-inlet system:

Drive systems for air-inlets: Diverter pulleys

Diverter pulleys are used to guide the rope from the linear actuator to the air-inlets. If several air-inlets are driven by one actuator, the inlets are connected with a taut wire.

Our diverter pulleys are produced from plastics, while all metal parts are produced from stainless special steel. They guide nylon ropes or wire ropes of a maximum diameter of 5 mm. All pulleys are delivered pre-assembled.

Furthermore, additional accessory such as ring bolts, stainless steel wire ropes, stainless steel taut wires, and screened cables can be ordered.

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Assembly example diverter pulleys

Example: diverter pulleys on columns

Diverter pulley for linear actuator

Detail: pulley for linear actuator

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