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Motor-driven activation, via linear actuator (LA) & diverter pulleys (wall and ceiling air-inlets)

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 Air-inlet system:

Drive systems for air-inlets: linear actuator 450N

In case of a motorised activation of fresh-air inlets, we offer linear actuators with 1000N, 2000N, or 450N. Hereby, the capacity of the linear actuator is chosen depending on the amount of fresh-air inlets to be driven, the type and amount of diverter pulleys, and other factors.

The linear actuator with 450N can be perfectly used to drive air inlets and other ventilation valves.
Here, the maximum stroke length is 300 mm. A quick and easy assembly on the wall is provided by the wall bracket (material: stainless steel).
An unlock-key on the actuator allows to manually actuating the air inlet / valve after assembling. Furthermore, elongated holes in the wall bracket enable a retrospective tensioning of the rope.

The LA 450N is available in the versions:
‘24V AC/DC modulating control’,
‘24V AC/DC open-close or 3-point control’, and
‘230V AC/DC open-close or 3-point control’.

We provide fitting accessories for our linear actuators such as wall brackets, casings, or electric units.

Furthermore, various diverter pulleys which guide nylon ropes or wire ropes with a maximum diameter of 5 mm are offered. The pulleys are produced from plastics, while all metal parts are produced from stainless special steel. Likewise, ring bolts, stainless steel wire ropes, stainless steel taut wires, and screened cables can be ordered.

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Linear actuator 450N

Linear actuator 450N

Wall bracket

Wall bracket for LA 450N
(stainless special steel)


Casing for LA 450N

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