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Twin-pipe radiant heater Aluminium pipe  (Ø22 or Ø28) Twin-pipe holder Twin-pipe holder Twin-pipe holder Twin-pipe holder Twin-pipe holder Twin-pipe holder
Connection examples:

Tichelmann principle

Twin-pipe connection example Tichelmann principle


Twin-pipe connection example daisy-chained

Twin-pipe radiant heater

The twin-pipe evenly diffuses heat in the livestock house.
The system is available in different lengths from 1450 mm to 5800 mm and provides approx. 230 Watt heat emission per running meter.

Our Twin-pipes are highly compatible with ventilation ceilings, and can be easily retrofit in existing livestock houses. Due to the high heating capacity (approx. 230 Watt per running meter at 70 °C supply temperature), a high efficiency level is gained, i.e. energy costs can be saved.
Furthermore, the system is completely maintenance-free, easy to clean, and easy to install.

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Fastening of the Twin-pipe

Fastening of the Twin-pipe

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